See! Peacock is a Bum

Last season @MikeUzz and @ThatSullyGuy pulled off a stunning trade.  The trade included Youk, Szardijrmadra, Lowrie, Prince, 13th Round Pick (or 1st Round), 6th Round Pick, and Brad Peacock.

Many moons after the trade @ThatSullyGuy was mad that he gave up a 13th Round Pick and gave away Brad Peacock but maybe he owes me an apology?

My personal opinion about peacock had nothing to do with his stats or his upside, it was based on the fact he only throws two pitches.  A starter needs to throw at least 3 pitches in my mind and Brad could develop another pitch but with all the starters in Oakland, I think he will have a very productive career as a RP long man or even a closer.

Here is a link I found that supports my opinion.  Sorry @MikeUzz he is a BUM!


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